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Hello, welcome to Each Game As It Comes, a content-filled website written (mainly) by a football player, coach, fan, and now blogger. Since starting to play the game at an early age and watching his first live game at the age of 9, he’s been hooked on the sport. It’s fair to say, the game of football brings forth so much debate, passion, opinion, particularly here in the UK. Hopefully this site adds to this and more.

Some further details below:

Playing the Game: As a player of limited ability, but a decent level of fitness, at 40+ years old, still playing regular Saturday football (Intermediate Level).

Coaching the Game: UEFA B qualified coach with experience in both adult mens and ladies football.

Watching the Game: Supporting and despite playing on a Saturday, season ticket holder at Watford. Born next door to the ground – local team and all that.

Guest posts are welcome, please get in touch if you wish to contribute to the site.

We hope you enjoy the blog, and feel free to join in the debate!


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“Well set out and easy to understand”

“Detailed information that is relevant and specific. I have been looking for good material on this formation – very practical oriented”

“Clear, simple and concise”

“Clear and concise – acknowledged and provided a variety of options when the number of players present at a training session fluctuate”

“The diagrams and explanations were helpful and I’ve been able to use them for my team”

“Training sessions are very well explained and can be conducted by all level coaches”

“Simple instructions and great diagrams which I found easy to understand and hope to get great results”

“Very informative on the whole and also on a few little things that could earn you extra marks from the assessors – things that a candidate might not think much about otherwise”